Caving in Granada

Since immemorial time our instinct led us to go inside this incredible and unknown world both as a search for shelter and to quench the thirst for knowledge and adventure today.
Now, with sport caving, this exploration is within reach of almost everyone. Explore impressive itineraries in caves of different levels. Rappelling and ascending by fixed ropes in the midst of the darkness of a cave will make you experience a unique experience.

Caving tours

Cave of Nivar-La Lata

The best option, the perfect cave to enter the world of speleology.
With an entry rappel of about 20 meters through a perfectly accessible opening for all people and a narrow and claustrophobic exit suitable for people looking for strong emotions.

Cave of Maderos

The easiest option, but very nice cave. A short tour but really nice experience.
Exit of the cave ascending by fixed rope (medium phisical).

Cave of Raja Santa

The strongest option. High level cave with claustrophobic and with a demanding level for the ascending his 120 meters of fixed ropes.
Bathe in its hot springs at 120 meters deep.

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