Puenting in Granada

Experience the sensation of fear and adrenalin running through your body as you jump into the emptiness from a 50 meter high bridge. Bridge jumping is the adrenalin generator par excellence. We will jump into the emptiness from the bridge with total guarantee of security provided by three dynamic ropes tied to waist and/or ankles. Bridge jumping has its origin in the Isle of Vanatú, in the South Pacific Ocean, where the members of the tribe practiced this as a ritual of courage jumping from platforms with ropes tied from their ankles.
Today, bridge jumping still has something in common with this ritual, as it is still a proof of bravery and courage where we can eliminate a great part of the stress accumulated in our daily routine. If you want to find out if adrenalin can take place in your life, jump! Nothing will be the same!

Puenting in Almería (Gádor)

Best and nearest option.
Jump from a 40 meters bridge with total security to feel the adrenalin at highest level !
The jumps will be performed in Gádor (Almería).

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