Hiking routes in Granada

Granada offers enviable possibilities for mountain lovers. Thousands of trails cross the skirt of Sierra Nevada and allow us to know both flora and endemic fauna along with the beauty of the highest peaks of the peninsula.
Here are some examples of routes that are especially known for their beauty, but it may be more interesting to adapt the route to the characteristics of the group, climatology, and personal interest.
In most of our routes you can also enjoy the company of your pet.

Hiking route tours

Trevenque route

Strongest option.
Unbeatable views of the city of Granada as we enter the depth of the Sierra Nevada through the imposing figure of Mount Trevenque, 2,083m


Hunging bridges in Cahorros route

More sell route, the nicer option.
Impressive place nestled in the village of Monachil, just 8 km from Granada. Reference area of the climbing Granadina, Cahorros offers an affordable and unusual route in which we will cross a canyon with hanging bridges, waterfalls, pools of water and a lot of vegetation.
An ideal activity to inspire children the value of nature that surrounds us, while full of fun.


Mozárabe route

Plaza Nueva, Acequia Real, Llano de la Partridge, Arab Cemetery, Silla del Moro, Abbey of Sacromonte, Jesus del Valle … Places that keep the culture of centuries of history between oak and holm oak. In this tour we intend to offer a different perspective of the mountain through the eyes of a society that dominated the province for eight centuries.


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